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The Mad Scientist.


The Artist.


The Dictator.


The Man. 

I'm the one writing all this stuff, so rather than keep indulging myself, I'll end the conflict of interest right here. Everything on this website speaks for me, if you want to know me, look around. 

If "MAD SCIENTIST" isn't a good enough descriptor, then you'll probably never understand. 



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lol fuck you.

In 2013, I got FL Studio... and my world changed.  It's either the biggest mistake of my life, or the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. But either way, I'm in this THANG.


Quietly, I grinded for five years. Learning about the program. Learning about music. Learning about my voice. Learning about myself. Dreaming. Planning. Waiting. In 2018, I saw the chance to make my mark, and I took it.


The Blue Demo is the end, as much as it is the beginning. It's my starting point. My flag in the moon rock. The declaration of my dream. This project is a little rough around the edges, but so am I. That's what I like about demos, they're just a demonstration. Who know what you can really do...


Long story short: Its a collaborative album about a summer in a dream house. Its cliche, but that about covers the meat of it.

Slightly longer story: After we finished The Blue Demo & Outlaw, we didn't stop making music. Cam came in, and then we couldn't help it, there something making us to do it. I couldn't call it inspiration, and it definitely wasn't pressure... it was like there was a muse or something. An invisible momentum that was nudging us in all the right directions. 


For some crazy reason, even with the quick turnaround, there was a clear shift in our minds. Our sounds. A new energy. A new feeling in the air. Maybe is was optimism. Maybe it was hope. Personally, I think it might have been happiness. Regardless, that period of 4 months is probably one of the most productive, fun, and enlightening times in my life.


There's a lot of love in this album, I hope you can feel it.  

The red demo

Quick maybe-not-so-obvious note about the demos. The colors are a guideline to the ideas & themes of the project. They aren't particularly representative of anything, as much as they are the framework from which I build the album up. My head-space, my visions, my feelings are all directed by the color from the beginning, and then reflected back into the music.


If Blue is a wavy, cool, melancholic, recessed, cautious-optimism, then Red is its aggressive, powerful, impulsive, intense, passionate, malicious counterpart. Whatever it was that I found with Idledale, this was the rebound of that. 

There's a lot to say about this project. I went through hell making it. I left the place that I loved. I left people that I loved. I lost people that I loved. It was hard. It is hard. But that's what this album means to me. Hardships, struggles, rawness, expression, and honesty, and if that's not welcomed, then why would I even do what I do...

2019 summer tape

When you're trying to get good at anything, there's going to be a lot of work involved. Most the time, you don't even see it as practice, until you're looking back & see all the progress you've made. I knew I needed to learn how to work with a larger group of people, to learn how to use different talents & skill sets, all while helping them getting their foot in the door. And amongst all of that, I've always had some sort of strict quality control. So songs that are unfinished, unfitting, or un-useful, end up being locked away. This album is like having the key to that vault. 

"Alot of Different People on a Bunch of Lost Tracks" features about 20 unique voices, on 20 tracks. Half of the album was recorded during the drafting of Idledale in 18', and the other half is from the summer sessions in the Northside L.O.L Studio in 19'.


Go in with an open mind, and you may just enjoy yourself. This is what progress sounds like.

Life Is unstable

Man, there's so much I can say for this one. But I intentionally like keeping this more vague, because right now, I consider this closer to an art installation than an album. There's really only a couple things to know for context.


Firstly, is less of an album and more like one really long song.


Secondly, it is meant to be watched in video form, not just listened to.

Thirdly, it leans as hard as possible into its influences. 

Lastly, Life Is Unstable.


1. Mac Miller

2. Kendrick Lamar

3. Earl Sweatshirt

4. Tyler, The Creator

5. Brockhampton

6. Schoolboy Q


8. Frank Ocean


10. Da$h


1. Nirvana

2. Sonic Youth

3. Fugazi

4. American Football

5. Mudhoney

6. Warstories

7. Den Mother

8. Fade Em' All

9. LCD Soundsystem

10. Slint

*Disclaimer: This is not an all-time list, just recently been jamming*


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Andrew Hunter Milburn

March 3rd, 1996 (Age 24)

Galveston, Texas

South East Houston, Texas


185 lbs.


Black/ White

6-23-17 ("Gang")

Hip-Hop, R&B




The blue Demo

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