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Double A Records


You may be asking yourself, "Is this a real record label?"


The answer: Dude, I don't know.

All I can say is that none of these "record labels" are actually in the cut with us. They're not we're we at, in the underground, where the music's at. The Paper Tigers. The Greenrooms. The Secret Groups. The Scratchhouses. 

They're not here recording with us. Bedrooms. Closets. Garages. Storage Units. They're not here rehearsing for hours on end, squeezing out every last bit of creativity out, only to find yourself lost in dreams & frustration. Always preparing for worst case scenario, because when its time to pop up on that stage in two weeks, the audio is inevitably going to go out, and can't nobody save you. You gotta go get that shit. You gotta earn it.

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So if they can miss all that, are they really even worth a shit? For every sleazy-ass, imaginary A&R that you wish could save your career, you could have put in the work and stood for something bigger than yourself. They don't want us? Fuck em', we'll do it ourselves.  THAT'S DOUBLE A. 

We're not one genre, we're any. We're not one person, we're many. We're not just the current batch of people whose names are attached to this shit, but we're every future member, every past inspiration, and every person that's scrapping to change this fucked up world. We believe in each other, and this dream.

If you like that, come fuck with us.

-Andy Ashley






From our inception in 2018,

We have been slicing through different genres within our ever-growing discography of 10 albums and now two EPs. We're originally out of Houston, Texas, but honestly, San Antonio was crucial to helping us find our sound.

Led by the production of Andy Ashley,

We get better with every project. Hip-hop, post-punk, R&B, vapor-wave, trap, spoken-word, pop, funk, you fucking name it, we fucking do it. As the primary audio engineer, Andy has learned all the ins-and-outs of the technical side, creating more opportunities to develop new sounds, and push the bar. Additionally, every visual, video, VLOG, merchandise, short film. etc, has been an in-house production.

After returning to Houston,

We made it our mission to involve as many people as possible. 'Double A' has amassed performances from a roster of over 20 different people this year, and it will continue to grow.

We've released over 150 different songs & more than 8 hours of material in this year alone, and our quantity has not affected our quality. Every song, video, shirt, etc. that we are involved with, has had an immense amount of thought & care put into it.

On paper it seems it seems delusional, and it probably is...

But at least when you see us live, you understand. We've got that combination of lunacy &  explosive creativity, so we'll always find a new way to give an open, honest & heart-felt performance. If nothing else,we'll give it everything we've got.




Album Releases


Wow, you actually did it. Now we have to steal your identity, stupid.

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